our mission is to empower people to consume consciously.


How we got started

Stories Behind Things was born out of a desire to reconnect to our material surroundings. Founders and best friends @Jemma_Finch and @EllaGraceDenton started Stories Behind Things as a passion, to tell the stories behind the items they had in their lives in a mission to share the importance of storytelling. They felt disconnected to the fast consumption that they grew up around, so set off on a mission to create their own world the oozed meaning and connection. Its in SBT’s dna to be authentic voices in the noisy landscape of Instagram and to break down the overwhelming emotions that come with trying to consume consciously. Stories Behind Things soon became a safe space to talk all things ‘sustainable’ this included hosting themed coffee mornings, mending workshops, and The Big Clothes Switch, which is predominantly what they are known for in London today. The girls continue to get internationally recognised for speaking their truth, bringing their online community continently offline to empower and make change. They shine light on all things conscious and work with many NGOs, International brands & start ups to support their messaging. Follow their journey on @storiesbehindthings