lets switch!


we're always in awe at how popular these events are; hundreds of girls turning up with bags full of their pre-loved, ready to switch, and further their commitment to the up-cycling culture that we've learnt so much about in the past year.


and the clothes! we had embroidered dungarees, Gucci tops, free people flares, tie-dye jackets, If there's anything that's undeniable, it is that one mans trash truly is another mans treasure.


we gifted stalls to artisans to sell their goods from, from feminist ceramics   to the most beautiful vegan cupcakes and brownies you've ever seen , it was basically one of the dreamiest market places we've ever seen. 


If you came; thank you for the hugs, the smiles, and the switching! if you didn't and would like to come and switch, keep an eye on our events tab, we're always busy planning bigger and better sustainable events!


photo credit to @Joelleiana


our family & friends are our lifeline for events like this, they're there from 8am on the day hustling with us and when the days over the effort they put in to help us, always leaves us feeling very lucky.

Ella Grace Denton1 Comment