Beast Mag

Did you see our Beast Mag (@beastmag_london) feature? Here are some quotes of the best bits.

Our top tips for conscious consumption:
1. Get thrifty
2. Mend your clothes
3. Less is more
4. Attend or host a clothes switch
5. Invest in sustainable brands

On the art of connection:
Its always been really important to us that we bring our online community offline, to make real life connections and bring likeminded people together who can ultimately make positive impact collectively.

On eco events:
The Big Clothes Switch has been a series of events that has developed with us as we’ve grown. We now have incredible partners at @wework and to make these events bigger, better and more impactful than ever. Having brands donate clothing to the series from their dead stock has been an incredible opportunity, it’s exciting to offer brands sustainable solutions to their over produced lines.

On starting small:
What can we do as individuals? We believe it’s really all about the small changes we can make every day that lead to the most impactful change. In terms of clothing, consider what you wear as an extension of yourself, treasure what you own and buy things that are created with love and truly make you feel like the best version of you. Clothing can hold memories and magic, so embrace that!

Publication: @beastmag_london
Photo: @rankinarchive