Daye Feature

Daye are an incredible women care company innovating the market. They describe themselves as “We’re a small team of risk takers and thoughtful decision makers, inspired by female intuition and driven by the lack of innovation in women’s health. We’re not here to complain about the way the world is: we’re here to do something about the taboo of female pain and move forward.”

A team of true inspirations, this is one brand to watch. Their first product will be a CBD tampon. Full feature coming on that once its out on the market!

We had a wonderful time talking to them, see full interview here and below for s few highlights. Thanks Daye!

What first sparked your interest in sustainability?

Everyone’s journey is very different, but mine came from a mental health point of view. I was aware that I was struggling to cope with the everyday: the fast consumption, the busy-ness, the buy-buy-buy, the lack of care for things. I realised all of this was having an effect on how I was feeling. Then, I started to become curious about the relationship that we have with the material things around us. I noticed that I was only looking after the things that had memories, and meant something to me.

Using clothing as an example, all the pieces I bought from high street brands were the ones that were on the floor, that I hadn’t ironed, that got stuffed to the back of my cupboard. Meanwhile the ones I'd been handed down, saved up for, or had great memories in were the ones I treasured. That’s where Stories Behind Things all started. We noticed that we all have the power to cultivate healthy relationships with the objects around us, and not just clothing.

How does telling the stories behind things help us live a more sustainable life?

It develops the much-needed connection that we are all yearning for in our fast-paced, throwaway lifestyles. Thinking about why you want something and where it comes from will help us align our values with our consumption habits, hopefully slowing them down, and making them more considered. Less is more!

The platform was born out of a conversation with your friend Ella Denton about “conscious living”. What does conscious living mean to you and how does it help raise the standard of female health?

Conscious living to me means considered living. Considering what we want to welcome into our lives and why. We are constantly bombarded with advertising that is designed to make women feel like they’re good enough, and we are sick of seeing it!