Timberland // City Makers

Grateful to have been in the Timberland campaign in May 2019, titled “City Makers” the campaign wanted to identify Londoner’s bettering their community through the work they do. Stories Behind Things was featured for the work we do within sustainable fashion. See below for a short clip of our interview, mad love for Timberland!

See where they are at in their journey to sustainability:

Positive goals that will be achieved by Timberland by 2020 (Yep, next year.) None of this ‘by 2030’ bull**! We need change NOW and this is a great example of how leading companies can show us how to engage with positive change with urgency and speed. Their goals are spanning over product, environmental and community. Here are a few of our favourite ones:

1. From 2001-2015, they planted over 8.7 million trees. By 2020, they aim to reach 10 million trees.
2. 100% of our Footwear and Apparel are PVC-Free, last year they had 97% free and we will increase this to 100% by next year.⁣
3. With an ultimate goal of Zero Waste, they aim for a 95% waste diversion rate by next year.⁣
4. They will reduce our use of energy by 10% and source 50% of their energy from renewable sources.⁣
5. Timberland will have 100% of our Cotton for Apparel sourced from organic, US-origin or BCI certified sources, by 2020.⁣
6. They strengthen their communities and their brand culture by engaging at least 80% of their employees globally in community service. In 2015, they completed their one millionth hour of community service. By 2020, they plan to serve another 500,000 hours.⁣

Thanks Timberland!

Ella Grace Denton