A fruity new formula?

Its common to feel overwhelmed with the amount of food wastage being produced yearly. 

Today supermarkets are throwing away 300,000 tonnes of food waste a year. Innovative start-ups are trying to tackle this problem head-on by using something called a circular production line. 

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An amazing company bringing fresh ideas to the cosmetics market is Fruu. Fruu lip balm have pioneered a fruity new formula that might not be what you're expecting! They use fruit waste, turn it into a gorgeous lip balm and have in turn created a business out of it!

"Waste avocado is pressed into our avocado lip balm, 30% of a mango stone can also be used to make an oil that goes into lip balms. It's amazing what can be used." 

They create value in the place of waste 

"The idea was to make things sustainable and affordable at the same time" 

Their lip balms feature watermelon oils, lemon seeds & the skins of avocados! 

We love seeing brands like these; opening up a whole new market, inspiring production lines that make the most of what the planet has to offer us, all whilst putting pressure on cosmetic industries.

To learn more about Fruu click here

Ella Grace DentonComment