Thinx: A game-changer for the Menstrual industry?

you BLeed to know abouT this. Period. 

Did you know that there hasn’t been an innovation in the menstrual market since 1930’s (when the Mooncup was invented)?!

we'VE BEEN thinkING it's about time someone made giving women sustainable options when it comes to their bleed a priority and A BRAND CALLED thinX IS ANSWERING OUR WISHES;

They've just created

"The only period-proof underwear."


"Because every woman deserves peace of mind."

We've been testing out these patriarchy-proof undies and the answer is; yes, yes, and yes!

"BUT HOW?!" We hear you cry..

The pants have 4 super-clever layers;

The top layers fight against bacteria & counteract any smells

The middle layers can absorb anywhere between 1/2 - 3 tampons worth of blood!

There are 6 different Classic styles to choose from, alongside an Activewear range and their newly launched Organic Cotton period panties!

Have a look on their website to find out more, PLUS, here's a smart lil video explaining how it all workS:

Ella Grace DentonComment